A Good Friday

I snuck into London for just over 24 hours on Good Friday—perhaps the only sunny day of the year so far.

At the beginning of a long day of walking I passed a greengrocer on Edgewater Road and couldn't resist the giant, dark red cherries. The storekeeper offered to wash them for me after apologizing for the price—£12 a kilo.

A few delicious cherries later I knew he was from Kurdistan, had endlessly deep eyes, and a lot of thoughts on American politics.

"Something important happened in America eight years ago, and now it's time for a woman president. She will win, and do a good job."

I still can come up with no commentary on this amazing interaction, just a desire to pass it on.

I walked for miles along the Thames Trail through London and remembered two weeks spent walking from Oxford to London with my friends Linda and Sharon in February 2012. That walk healed a lot of my pain and launched me into this love of writing.

I crossed many bridges, walked in the sun, watched skateboarders, jostled with the crowds, and blessed my good fortune in life.